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illustration-3093862_640.jpgFull confession: I have never taken a business trip that required flying. I choose driving over flying or taking a train. I think it’s related to my anxiety and the fear that I will miss a connection or lose my bag.

I am not afraid to fly. In fact, I have been on an airplane a number of times to go to Las Vegas twice, Mexico three times, and to Jamaica. The difference here is that I had a travel partner that did most of the navigating for me.

Going to Philidelphia will be my first solo work trip via air. I booked my flight and I will have one layover on the way there and a direct flight on the way back. I haven’t decided if I will check a bag or if I will squish everything I need into a carryon. It’s 5-nights though so I am leaning toward checking a bag.

I learned from my roomie that Philadelphia has a flat rate set for taking passengers from the airport to City Center. At least I know what to expect there. P.S. I have also never hailed a taxi or used Uber/Lyft. So many firsts for me on this trip.




I am a librarian working in a library system in Wisconsin.

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