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What is this all about?

PLA logo on left with picture of Angela Meyers center and WAPL logo on right. Arrow arches from PLA to WAPL to convey liaising information from one organization to another
This is my attempt at using Canva to create an image that explains the WAPL PLA Chapter Liaison

I was named the Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries (WAPL) – Public Library Association (PLA) Chapter Liaison. Say that 10x fast. 🙂 I am here to report back on my experiences as a PLA liaison while attending the PLA Conference in Philadelphia in March 2018. But it’s more than just attending a conference one time, it’s about keeping my eyes and ears open for anything related to public libraries that the Wisconsin public library community might find interesting or helpful. This is a two-year term so I’ll be blogging here until the end of 2019. If you would like to read more about this liaison position, check out this post. If you would like to learn more about me, head on over to my introduction. If there is something PLA related you would like me to keep an eye on, shoot me a note via the contact form linked above in the header.



I am a librarian working in a library system in Wisconsin.

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