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I made it to Philly!

Well, I made it to Philly, even with the nor’easter on its way. Several colleagues have reported that their flights were canceled and can’t rebook for another day or two. I am so thankful I arrived safe and sound. My first flight was only delayed about 20 minutes which made my connection a little tight. Many schools have already reported closings for tomorrow, Wednesday 3/21/18, and I have seen some museum closings. So far I have just seen a small accumulation of snow but it is very heavy and wet.

I decided to take the SEPTA train into the City Center because A) it was inexpensive ($6.75 one way),  B) it was a 30-minute ride, and C) and the train comes every 30 minutes. It was delayed about 45 minutes or more due to the snow.

I took the SEPTA train (my first experience riding a train solo) to City Center and I got off at the Jefferson Station, which is adjacent to the hotel which is adjacent to the convention center. I was thrilled when I learned these were all together! That means when I go to leave, it’ll be pretty easy to get back to the airport. I overheard some other librarians heading to the same hotel so I asked if I could follow along. They said sure and so about 10 of us made our way to the hotel to check in. Librarians are so friendly.

My roomie and I went and had dinner at an Irish Pub and now we are settling in for the night. Tomorrow is a pretty busy day starting at 9:30am and ending at 9:00pm.



I am a librarian working in a library system in Wisconsin.

6 thoughts on “I made it to Philly!

    1. So far I had an over priced deli sandwich in the airport and then a made from scratch veggie burger and fries at an Irish Pub. Also had a General Washington’s Tavern Porter.

    1. Yes. Trying to talk some people from NY into flying me out to give a presentation on memory cafes. 🙂

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