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HOW TO Supercharge your Staff Training in Four Easy Steps

Jeromy Wilson, CEO and Founder, Niche Academy HOW TO Supercharge your Staff Training in Four Easy Steps
Quickly learn how to increase staff productivity and morale in 4 immediately actionable steps. We’ll talk about motivators, simplifying the process, learning styles and more. You will walk away ready to implement or reinvigorate your library staff training.

I attended a 20-minute session on staff training at PLA. I missed the first couple of minutes but I think I caught most of the talk.

  1. Make it measurable. Add training to yearly goals.
  2. Disseminate: find a way to get info out there. Break info into chunks, like 5-minute segments. Offer a flexible learning environment or offer an online option. Offer a flexible timetable as people learn differently (visual, auditory, tactile). Do they learn better in a group or on their own?
  3. Calculate what is going on. Who has taken what and who understands the information? Offer quizzes. Talk to people-get feedback. Was the training helpful? Too much or too little? Really listen to what they need and then act on what you’ve learned.
  4. Ameliorate: make something bad, better. Take feedback and put it into action. Simplify and shorten sessions. Keep your PowerPoints fresh and update images/content.


I am a librarian working in a library system in Wisconsin.

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