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ALA Connect

itts-ala-connect-logo-horizontal-webI recently looked into this new thing ALA is offering called ALA Connect. It’s an online community where you can discuss library topics within groups and networks. I filled out my profile yesterday and I was super excited to share that I was a member of three professional associations: American Library Association, Public Library Association, and the Wisconsin Library Association.

I am currently set to receive a daily email digest of posts from folks in various communities including ALA Members, Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) and PLA. For instance, one of the posts read: “Looking for keynote recommendations for 2019 state library conference.” This is a super sweet way to tap the collective brain. I much prefer this online community with a daily digest over a flood of listserv messages. Well done, ALA.  If you are an ALA member, be sure to “connect.”



I am a librarian working in a library system in Wisconsin.

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