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When in town, visit the library

We recently held our annual Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries conference in Rothschild, WI May 1-3.

One of the evening activities scheduled was to visit the Marathon County Public Library headquarters in Wausau, WI.

Julie, the Adult Services Librarian, gave 22 visiting library staff a tour, including some behind the scenes stuff.

When in town, I like visiting other public libraries to see how they do things. This library did not disappoint.

I took some photos of things I thought looked great or were cool ideas, including:

    Bath tub for sitting and reading in at the children’s library
    Early literacy area with a theme that changes regularly
    Let us request that for you language on the end cap sign
    Earbuds for sale in the vending machine. Genius.
    Vertical displayed TV with a display of materials underneath.
    Random Acts of Kindness passive programs in the Tween Scene.
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Finally had the Philly cheesesteak…and much more

Another busy day. I hit the wall at 3:00pm and went back to the hotel room to put my feet up. It was a much-needed break from learning and interacting. I am an extrovert but even I get tired out from all this socializing!

Please know that I intend to add notes to each session I attended once I get home. I just don’t have it in me to do it right now. And there just hasn’t been time.

Big Ideas: Featuring author Steve Pemberton. I had no idea who this speaker was but so far the Big Ideas series was really good so far so I wanted to go. Steve talks about how he was in the foster care system his entire childhood and reading helped him escape from his life to another world. He was introduced to the public library due to a school visit to the library. After this, he would run errands into town and take quick (unknown) detours to the library. When he was around 10 years old he wanted to learn more about his roots and who his birth father was. He went to the library and looked up the article on microfiche. He remembers the librarian guiding him and just being there for him. He really drove home the importance of librarians in a child’s life. We never know what a child is going through and just being welcoming and there to help can be exactly what that child needs in that moment. I am totally not doing this talk justice. I cried at the end of his talk. A lot of people were seen wiping away tears. Read his book, A Chance in the World,, and see the movie coming out in May.

PLA Pavillion-ECRR Storytime Challenge: Encouraging Adult Engagement: This 20-minute talk was given by early literacy expert, Saroj Ghoting. She talks about how to engage parents so that they don’t even have a chance to use their phone.

PLA Pavilion-How to Host a Teen LBGTQ Club: This 20-minute talk covered the why and how to host a Teen LBGTQ Club.

Program-Take Summer Reading to the Streets: Partnering to Reach Children with Barriers to Library Access: This was a program about a library who started meeting the kids where they are at. Many kids are in daycare up to 12 hours a day and the last thing parents want to do after a long day is make a stop at the library. The library is now bringing the summer library program to youth summer camps at the YMCA and other locations.

Lunch-Reading Terminal Market: I had heard about this market, but I wasn’t really prepared for what was inside. It was people, and restaurants, and gift areas, and chaos. It was IKEA busy. I’m sure the noon hour wasn’t the best time to go, but that’s when we had a break and needed to catch lunch. I finally had a Philly cheesesteak. I probably didn’t have the best in town, but it was pretty good. Here’s a link to the market’s website:

PLA Pavillion-How to Supercharge your Staff Training in Four Easy Steps. This was a 20-minute talk on how to motivate staff to take part in staff training.

Program-MakMo: The LA County Library’s MakerMobiles: This library has four makermobiles that are fully equipped to go out into the community for programs. The biggest surprise was that patrons don’t go on the vans, only staff to get supplies.

Program-Inquiry Based STEM Programming: This was far less scary than it sounds.  I can’t wait to share more about this one.

Spark Talks II: The second day of Spark Talks was just as much fun as the first day. A series of speakers get up and give a 5-minute talk on something to spark your brain. They almost all made it under 5 minutes. It’s amazing what you can cover in such a short amount of time.

All-Conference Reception: Attended the all-conference reception put on by PLA. It had appetizers and sodas at no additional charge. There was a band and librarians dancing. Oh, and people were hula hooping. Need I say more?

Target Run: I was not planning on picking up a bunch of stuff from the exhibits but I failed miserably. I have quite a few books and audio books to bring back with me so I decided to buy a backpack to use as my “personal item” on the plane, I’m going to use my other handled bag as a carry-on (which now has my clothes in it), and then my carry-on size bag with rollers will get checked.

Dinner: Jean, my roommate, and I got dinner at BurgerFi. It’s a quick(ish) service place like Panera Bread. The burger and fries were good and hit the spot. Added bonus: we sat with three other people attending PLA.

Bed: I think I have sufficiently tired myself out. Night.

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